Crobudz Drop Info.

Crobudz is bringing together degen stoners and alpha traders, in one growing community that will change the way we trade and projects come to life. Like a plant with an abundance of sun and healthy nutrients, a community needs unique ideas and supportive members to grow to its full potential. If we create a strong community, there is no limit to where we can go. Become a Crobud and join the alphas! We make decisions as a community with experienced traders in all fields from crypto to NFTs to stocks. We will launch the first drop of 4,200 Crobudz, male version. Followed by two more drops. We, as a community will build the foundation of the project bringing utility and a road map to Crobudz. The community will have a voice. We are tired of projects promising and not delivering those promises. As the project manager and founders, we are working hard to take this to the moon!


Short Term

  • Release Male Crobudz (Quantity: 4,200)
  • Build solid community
  • Marketing and organic growth
  • Launch Crobudz marketplace

Mid Term

  • Drop Female Crobudz (Quantity: 4,200)
  • Launch Crobudz merch
  • Exclusive giveaways – Merch, grinders, gift cards

Long Term

  • Secret Drop (Quantity: TBD)
  • Launch – Learn to grow
  • Launch marketplace 2.0



As we approach our launch date more details will be released and more
questions will be answered.

Coming soon to Solana

1st drop – Males (4,200)
2nd drop – Females (4,200)
3rd drop – secret drop (TBD)
4th drop – secret drop (TBD)